eMeetings is one of the flagship products from MobiTrail which has been successfully implemented and running across 60+ organizations across India.

The success sutra has been an approach we call KISSES: Keep it Intuitive. Simple, Secure, Efficient and highly Stable.

The application is primarily designed for the Board of Directors and higher management with the objective of delivering a convenient, secure, and paperless solution to conduct Board and higher management meetings.

What makes MobiTrail eMeeting a popular and preferred choice of emeeting platforms?

  1. a) Refined process for Higher Productivity:

    This highly simplified and refined process that eliminates printing of documents, creation of physical dockets and the logistics of delivering Board Papers it to every member.
  2. b) Quantified Cost Savings:

    Digital Documentation is Paperless; so, no printing costs, no courier or transportation costs no requirement for bulky filing cabinets.
  3. c) Ease of use:

    Simple UI and UX for comfortable use, the mobility advantage for real-time synchronised and an anywhere-anytime secured access as per their convenience.
  4. d) Security:

    Best in class security with a multi-layered approach to ensure there are zero-data leaks and unauthorized access at any stage of the operations through:
    • Data Encryption: For data exchanges as well as data at rest on device.
    • User and Device Authorization: System and Data Access Management.
    • User Authentication: Standard UserID + Password; FaceID and biometric authentication.
    • Remote Wipe Off: If user devices are lost or a user moves out.
  5. e) Flexibility:

    Apple iPad optimized with Android tablet devices and Desktop Web Browser options with life cycles upgrades for software and hardware compatibilities.
  6. f) Vocal for Local:

    Made in India for Indian needs and compliance guidelines.

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